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Math 8;8th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
5/10/2019 Curriculum Adjust Adjust for new curriculum imposed on students w/7 years prior
5/9/2019 No Class K1 Carnival in gym
5/8/2019 No Class Prepare musical dinner
5/7/2019 Amazons Play Play Amazons (analytics) game
5/6/2019 Amazons Create playing board and rehearse Amazons game to show other grades
4/30/2019 Touch Up Go over review questions for Topic 7
4/29/2019 P408-410 T7 Rev All #. Review of Pyth and coordinate distances
4/25/2019 P404 Coord Dist 2 #1-12. Find the REQUIRED distances
4/24/2019 State Sci Assess State science assessment
4/23/2019 P404 Coord Dist 1 #1-12. Find the GIVEN distances
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