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Math 6;6th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
5/10/2019 Assessment Standards Breakout Assessment
5/10/2019 Curriculum Adjust Adjust for shifts due to schedule changes during year
5/9/2019 Field Trip Trip to Salt Mine in Hutchinson
5/8/2019 P495 Cont. From T tables to equation graphing
5/7/2019 P495 Graph equations #1-51 odd. Basic table and coordinate plot of an equation
5/7/2019 Amazons Game Review of P490 translation questions in class and Amazons game
5/2/2019 Battleship Discovery game using coordinates
5/1/2019 P490 Trans (cont.) Translating (sliding) and reflecting shapes
4/30/2019 P490 Trans (Cont.) Translation continued
4/29/2019 P490 Translations #1-30 all. Sliding a flipping on the coord plane
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