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Math 6;6th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
4/29/2019 P490 Translations #1-30 all. Sliding a flipping on the coord plane
4/26/2019 Touch Up Review of often-missed problem types
4/24/2019 Coordinates "Battleship" in class activity
4/23/2019 P485 Cartesian #1-63 odd. The Cartesian coordinate plane
4/22/2019 Easter Break
4/17/2019 State Assessment No class
4/16/2019 State Assess No class
4/15/2019 P570 C10 Rev #1-20 all. Chapter 10 ratios review
4/15/2019 P573 Ratios Quiz #1-10 all. Quiz review on ratios
4/12/2019 P561 Percentages #1-71 odd & ~/3. Find the percent of a number
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