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Math 8;8th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
4/23/2019 P404 Coord Dist 1 #1-12. Find the GIVEN distances
4/11/2019 P398 Pyth Probs #1-13 Pythagorean problems and measure
4/10/2019 P393 T7 Mid Rev #1-6 Topic 7 midpoint review
4/8/2019 P390 Pyth Converse #1-14 Converse of Pythagorean theorem
4/5/2019 P3845 Pythagoros #1-14 Intro to Pythagorean theorem
4/4/2019 Elimination Continued Review and continue on elimination
4/2/2019 Track Meet No class
4/2/2019 P281 Elimination #7-14. More elimination
4/1/2019 P280 Elimination #1-6. Solving systems of linear equations using elimination
3/29/2019 Elimination Solving systems by elimination of variable
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