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Math 7;7th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
4/23/2019 P447 T8 Mid Rev #1-C. Review of angles and circles
4/22/2019 Easter Break
4/12/2019 P452 Circle area #1-16. Problems involving area of a circle
4/11/2019 P444 Circles #1-15. Problems involving circles
4/10/2019 Subst Format How to correctly show substitution in formulas
4/8/2019 Track Meet No class
4/8/2019 P438 Related angles #1-15 Related angles, such as summing to 180/360
4/5/2019 P432 Triangle Cond #1-20 Drawing triangles with given conditions
4/4/2019 P424 Angles #1-15. Angles and quadrilaterals.
4/3/2019 P418 Scale #1-14. Scale drawings
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