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Science 45;5th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
3/25/2019 P349ff Earth's Surface #1-4. Changes due to water
3/22/2019 Video: Design Domains US Military and design domains
3/21/2019 P59 Design Steps The chain of design steps from problem to prototype to testing
3/20/2019 P57 Multiple Solutions Why important to start out with multiple solutions
3/19/2019 Name Plate Use drawing software to make name plate for desk
3/19/2019 P54 Critique Cube Critiquing with partners to improve the question cube
3/18/2019 P52 Sci teams Teamwork in science
3/8/2019 Triangle Fire Engineering, disaster, and the Triangle Fire (Woman's week)
3/7/2019 No Class Oration competition
3/6/2019 P52 Communication #6-10 Communication in science
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