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Social Studies 78;8th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
3/1/2019 Prj: Cuba Beginning Cuba project as chosen by class
2/27/2019 Prj: Presentation Presentation of Brazil project
2/21/2019 Brazil Reading Guided reading on project country
2/15/2019 Prj: Natural Geo Natural geographic aspects of Brazil
2/13/2019 Prj: Human Geo Human geographic aspects of Brazil
2/11/2019 Brazil Project Project decision making
2/7/2019 GPS Learning about Global Positioning Systems
2/5/2019 Absolute vs Relative Google Earth and locations on the globe
2/4/2019 Physical vs Human Geo Tween Tribune article on Salt Mountain
1/31/2019 Prj: Self eval Rubric-based self evaluation of project performance
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