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Technology 78;8th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
5/3/2019 Track Meet No class
5/1/2019 Arm Adding arm movement to program
5/1/2019 Claw Adding claw movement to program
4/30/2019 Graphical Motor Sharing and finishing graphical C motor program
4/22/2019 Easter Break
4/18/2019 Disassem Laptop Disassemble laptop computer
4/4/2019 RobotC to Graphical Convert RobotC program to graphical IDE
3/27/2019 RobotC Working on braces, brackets, parentheses in RobotC
3/26/2019 Q1: RobotC First quiz on RobotC programming
3/22/2019 Build: RC use Programming to practical RC control
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