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Social Studies 78;8th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
3/28/2019 Prj: PRESENTATIONS Presentations of self-picked project
3/26/2019 Prj: Brazil Prep 2 Continue preparation for Brazil presentation
3/22/2019 Prj: Brazil Prep 1 Preparing for presentation on aspect of Brazil
3/22/2019 Vid: Domains of War Domains of war (Cuban missile crisis prep)
3/19/2019 Prj: PRESENTATIONS Presentations of self-picked project
3/18/2019 Prj: Review Review projects to prepare for presentations (b/c break)
3/7/2019 Prj: Photos Build Google Slides for related photos of project
3/6/2019 Prj: Points Point scale for rubric. Progress on Cuba project
3/4/2019 Prj: Rubric Examine requirements rubric for assignment
3/1/2019 Prj: Cuba Beginning Cuba project as chosen by class
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