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Science 78;8th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
5/6/2019 Class Complete End of regular class--musical, field trips, etc.
5/1/2019 P115 L2 Check #1-6,A,B Review of lesson 2 on weather
4/30/2019 P113 Meteor'ist #1-3 Biography of a meteorologist
4/29/2019 P108 Forecasting #9-17 Weather forecasting and data required
4/23/2019 P105 Mass modeling #1-12. Determining a simple linear model from mass
4/22/2019 Easter Break
4/17/2019 P101 Predict Wx #1-5 Modeling and weather
4/17/2019 Mass
4/15/2019 P99 Pic Rev U2L1 #A-D. Pictorial review of Unit 2 Lesson 1
4/15/2019 P95 Snowflakes #1-3. Snowflake formation
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