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Science 45;5th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
4/26/2019 Class Complete Class completed with beginning of musical rehearsal
4/24/2019 Throw Pipe Safety and activity connecting "pipe"
4/23/2019 P534 Fossil Fuel #13-14. Extraction of fossil fuels
4/18/2019 Nonrenew Collect Collecting nonrenewable resources
4/15/2019 P526 Nonrenew Types Types and uses of nonrenewable resources
4/12/2019 P369 Weathering Effects #19-21 Effects of weathering on human infrastructure
4/11/2019 P364 Glaciers #16-18 Glacier movement and erosion
4/5/2019 Vocab sheet #A-D Erosion and weathering
3/29/2019 P358-363 Weathering #9-15 Fundamentals of weathering vs erosion
3/25/2019 P349ff Earth's Surface #1-4. Changes due to water
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