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Math 7;7th - Jonathan Hogg

Due Date Assignment Description
8/20/2019 Add Rev Addition review
5/10/2019 No Class Testing 6th grade, 7th study period
5/9/2019 AP:8.5 Circles #1-8 Review of circle formulas
5/7/2019 AP: 8.9 Volumes Finding volumes of prisms
4/30/2019 Touch Up Review of problem areas and work day
4/29/2019 P474 Volumes #1-14 Finding volumes of composed/deleted solids
4/26/2019 P468 Composite areas #1-11 Composing flat and embedded surface areas
4/25/2019 Corrections Past-due corrections done in separate sessions
4/24/2019 P462 Slicing #1-11 Slicing solids and finding surface areas
4/23/2019 P447 T8 Mid Rev #1-C. Review of angles and circles
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